Guinea pig names

It’s unknown whether guinea pigs or cavies name themselves.  They certainly remember and recognize individual guinea pigs.  However, humans need to name their pets in order to keep them apart.  Some pet owners argue that guinea pigs do not respond to their names, but just as many pet owners swear that their guinea pigs recognize their own names.

Before you can ponder whether your guinea pig recognizes its own name, you need to come up with a name for your cavy.  There are many different ways to choose just the right name for your guinea pig.  You can choose a name based on the guinea pig’s color, what any special markings look like or any peculiar sounds the pet makes.  Here are some other suggestions to help you choose great guinea pig names.

Male Guinea Pig Names

Male guinea pig names come from a wide variety of sources.  If the guinea pig was a present or a rescue, you can name the pet after the gift giver or the animal shelter worker who helped take care of the cavy.  You can also name the guinea pig after your favorite movie star, musician, actor or other celebrity.

There are even celebrity guinea pigs that you can name your special fellow after.  The infamous British guinea pig Sooty, for example, made headlines for escaping from his pen and in just one weekend impregnated over 40 females.  GP was the guinea pig in the popular kids’ television show Tales of the Riverbank.

Girl Guinea Pig Names

You can use the same principles to choose girl guinea pig names.  You can name the guinea pig after someone important in your life.  The most famous guinea pig in children’s literature is a female Abyssinian guinea pig named Olga da Polga.  Other female guinea pigs in books include Hazel, Minnie Pig and Fluffy.

You can also choose cute guinea pig names from cute sounding objects like Bean, Cotton Candy or Powderpuff.

Funny Guinea Pig Names

You can also make puns of famous human names to make funny guinea pig names.  Instead of Davy Jones, you could use Cavy Jones.  Instead of Tom Petty, how about Tom Piggy?  If you have a pair of guinea pigs, you can name them after items usually found I pairs, such as Salt and Pepper or Bubble and Squeak.

Other funny names can be words that seem complete opposites of what your guinea pig looks like.  Imagine a little lettuce-munching guinea pig with the moniker, “Killer” or “Cujo” and you can’t help but smile.

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  1. noemieb

    We have two little fluffy ball of love:
    Piggy small (black male guinea pig) & Guinea Weasley (orange transgendered female guinea pig- she has male part, but we decided that she identify as a female and would rather be called a “she”.)


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